No one has ever imagined dbForge would do it to Google Sheets!

March 27th, 2018

”Wow!’, ”Cool!’, “Fantastic!”, “A revelation!” – this was the first reaction of our colleagues when we presented fresh dbForge Studio for MySQL, v7.4 to them. Indeed, our team has done a huge work in to meet our customers’ needs and expectations. In a bid to fulfill this objective, we have enhanced our renowned MySQL GUI tool with the most timely and essential features, improvements and updates. And now, we are eager to unveil all these awesome additions to dbForge Studio for MySQL to you. The list turned out to be quite impressive and long, but believe us, it is worth at least looking through. To put the story short, let’s start!

Data Export and Import

Unique Feature: Support for Google Sheets

We are super excited to present a crown-jewel feature of this release, – Support for Google Sheets when exporting and importing data. Now, you can easily migrate table data between your MySQL tables and Google Spreadsheets. All you need to do is to specify the URL/ID of your Google Spreadsheets table, and our handy Data Export Wizard and Data Import Wizard will do the rest of work for you!

Data Export to SQL with Bulk Insert Option

When exporting data to SQL as the INSERT statement, you can select the USE Bulk Insert option and set the bulk size. The option hugely boosts data export and saves your time!

SQL Document

Execution notifications

When query execution is completed, a notification with such details as the name of a document and duration is displayed. In addition, you can enable a notification and specify execution duration on the Notifications tab of the Options menu.

Transaction Reminder

The notification alerts users that a transaction has not been completed if you execute a script. It contains the document name and a number of open transactions. On the Options menu, notifications for transaction reminder are selected by default. Additionally, you can set duration on the menu.

Сolor effect of Сurrent Сode Line

Now, the currently selected line of code is highlighted with a color effect.

Code Completion

The Code Completion feature has been enriched with the prompting of the following:

  • Percona Server variables (CL, QI and Parameter Info)
  • MySQL Server variables
  • Variables for  MariaDB Server
  • Optimizer Hints
  • Geographic Functions
  • Extended JSON Functions
  • Values for  TABLE_TYPE
  • Multiple-Clustering-Indexes for TokuDB Engine
  • Cast(… AS JSON)
  • CONNECT Zipped File Tables
  • Spatial Reference systems
  • Compound statements outside of stored programs
  • VIR virtual table type for CONNECT engine
  • CONNECT engine
  • Ngram and mecab Full-Text Parser

Also, BEGIN … END construct within IF can be expanded and collapsed.

Schema and Data Comparison

Improved comparison and synchronization progress

Both, schema/data comparison and schema/data synchronization feature a new progress window with the list of processes taking place and specification of time elapsed.

New Schema Comparison and Synchronization Engine

We have implemented a brand new schema comparison and synchronization engine to make the Schema Compare feature of dbForge Studio for MySQL yet more useful and flexible. In particular, the new engine resulted in the following changes and improvements:

  • Comparison of databases with different structures.
  • A bunch of new comparison and synchronization options.
  • Handy Diffs view.
  • Smart Sync.

Formatting of Object Scripts in Diff View

The Text Comparer section of the Schema Comparison document features a new Format Database Object Script button that allows formatting DDLs of the selected source and target objects.

New schema comparison options

The New Schema Comparison wizard includes the following options:

  • Associate column names having similar name options
  • Ignore case in objects names
  • Ignore spaces in objects names
  • Disable dependency analysis
  • Ignore collations
  • Ignore datatypes in column
  • Ignore permissions
  • Ignore Triggers
  • Ignore firing order for triggers
  • Ignore check constraints
  • Ignore column order in indexes
  • Ignore constraints’ names
  • Ignore foreign keys actions ON UPDATE and ON DELETE
  • Ignore indexes
  • Ignore fulltext Indexes
  • Ignore spatial Indexes
  • Ignore indexes’ names
  • Ignore primary keys
  • Ignore triggers present only in Target
  • Ignore indexes present only in Target
  • Ignore comments
  • Ignore column default values
  • Ignore NOT NULL constraints
  • Ignore COMMENT objects
  • Always Exclude newly added objects
  • Ignore Partitions
  • Schema Synchronization Wizard redesigned
  • New Schema Synchronization Options added:
  • Include USE database name
  • Use DROP and CREATE instead of ALTER for tables
  • Use DROP and CREATE instead of ALTER for views, procedures, functions
  • Exclude comments
  • Check For Object Existence

Redesigned Schema Synchronization Wizard

Schema Synchronization Wizard has been completely redesigned to provide more smooth and custom-tailored schema synchronization. In particular, the wizard includes the following new pages:


The Options page allows to customize schema synchronization with the following options:

  • Include USE database name
  • Use DROP and CREATE instead of ALTER for tables
  • Use DROP and CREATE instead of ALTER for views, procedures, functions
  • Exclude comments
  • Check For Object Existence


The Issues page appears only if there are any problems that may affect schema synchronization. The page allows you to easily review and resolve issues.


With the Summary page, you can look through the complete plan of actions that will take place during synchronization.

Also, the page includes the Warnings tab allowing to view warnings on the issues that may affect synchronization.

Data Comparison

Column synchronization without comparison

The Column Mapping dialog box features two new columns, – Compare and Sync that allows including and excluding columns from comparison and synchronization.

Tolerance interval

The Options tab of the New Data Comparison wizard includes the Tolerance interval option. The option allows specifying the module of difference between the values of source and target. If it does not exceed the specified value, the values are considered equivalent.

Data Synchronization

Data Synchronization Wizard includes the following new options:

  • Include USE database name
  • Check for the concurrency updates
  • Disable check constraints

Data Generator

New Data Population Options

Data Population Wizard includes the following new options:

  • Include USE database name
  • Disable check constraints

Copy Databases

Finished Copying Notification

The notification alerts users about the result of database copying. It also contains the number of copied databases and the time spent on copying.

Command-Line Interface

Now, dbForge Studio for MySQL allows copying databases through the command-line interface.

Query Builder

Reorganized aggregate functions

The aggregate functions available in the Selection tab of Query Builder have been reorganized to provide the most-used functions first.

Also, the design of the WHERE clause has been improved.

Data Viewer

Improved Spatial Viewer

Spatial Viewer features the object type and its coordinates.

Extended Data Types Support

ENUM, GEOMETRY, and UNSIGNED NUMERIC data types have been supported in the Data Editor column headers.

Other Improvements

  • Improved Product Update Manager.
  • Digital signature for the installation file.
  • Support for SHA256 Authentication when connecting to MySQL.

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