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Eight Supported by Eighth!

We would like to take this moment to thank the Oracle company for continuous development of the popular MySQL database! As you all might know, Oracle has recently released  MySQL Server, v8.0. In its turn, Devart decided to get a move on and release the new dbForge Studio for MySQL, 8.0!

Support for MySQL Server 8.0

dbForge Studio for MySQL provides full support for all features of MySQL Server, v.8.0. Thus, you can connect, manage, develop, and administer MySQL databases on the latest server version straight in your favorite MySQL tool!

Full support for all features of MySQL Server v.8.0

Connectivity Support for MariaDB v10.3

We have not forgotten about the users who work with the MariaDB databases. dbForge Studio for MySQL allows connecting and working with the latest MariaDB v10.3.

dbForge Studio for MySQL fully supports MariaDB databases

Connection support for Tencent Cloud

The new dbForge Studio for MySQL v8.0 also lets you connect to Tencent Cloud,  a relational database cloud service that allows deploying and using MySQL databases in the cloud with ease.

MySQL Studio provides connection to Tencent Cloud

Keywords Navigation

To make your work with code more convenient, we introduced navigation between keywords in SQL Editor. To navigate between keywords, you can press Ctrl+F12 or use the  Jump between Syntax Pairs option from the shortcut menu.

Navigation between keywords in dbForge Studio for MySQL

Tell Us What You Think

We invite you to try the new version and share your thoughts about it with us.  This will help us to make dbForge Studio for MySQL better for you.



  1. You wrote about “connecting and working” with MariaDB 10.3, but I wonder whether dbForge Studio supports all the new development features of this release? By new development features, I mean temporal tables and queries, sequences, FOR loop, records, anchored data types and packages, because these are all important for me (as I wrote about it a month ago – – when MariaDb 10.3.7 stable appeared), but if would be good to have a GUI supporting them.

  2. Hello Devart,
    Good news: dbForge is now compatible with MySQL Version 8.x! I will upgrade my version of dbForge in the near future. Until then, do you have any documentation explaining how you handle the Data Dictionary of MySQL Version 8? Are there any important differences we need to know about?
    Many thanks and regards,

  3. Is there any tool through which I can migrate MySQL database to sql server or vice versa ( all objects) means cross database replication. How can I schedule sync in dbforge studio for MySQL

  4. Support for MariaDB 10.3 is not yet complete. For example, structure FOR … END FOR (implemented in MariaDB 10.3) is not a valid syntax in stored routines.

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