Audit and Rollback Transactions Live with dbForge Transaction Log for SQL Server

October 20th, 2020

Today we’d love to unveil a big update of dbForge Transaction Log for SQL Server. This tool was designed to provide detailed information on all changes in your SQL Server database, recover data, and easily revert unwanted transactions.

The newly released Version 2.0 adds a new feature — live audit of changes and rollback of transactions — which is invaluable for databases that must be kept up and running 24/7. That said, now you don’t have to detach your databases from the server to view transaction logs and take action.

It’s also worth noting that now you have 3 viewing options to choose from:

  1. Online NTFS (read transaction logs directly)
  2. Online VSS (read transaction logs via Shadow Copy)
  3. Offline (for detached databases)

Currently, live audit and rollback can be maintained only if your SQL Server and dbForge Transaction Log are deployed on the same machine. Here we’d like to reveal a little secret — our next goal is to remove this constraint and therefore give you even more freedom.

Please feel free to download the full-featured dbForge SQL Server Transaction Log for a free 30-day trial. We would also appreciate your feedback; it helps us keep our database tools perfect for you.

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