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Review Assistant vNext Development Started Off

We have started developing the new version of Review Assistant – code review tool for Visual Studio.

We are glad to inform our users that we’ve started the development of the new version of our product for code review automation.


XML Structure Comparison Explained

This article describes benefits of structural comparison of XML files and its limitations. This new feature of Code Compare 3.0 is an extension of structural code comparison for the XML language. In this post we provide examples demonstrating when the feature is useful, and when it is not.


Assess New Code Compare UI

We have adjusted the UI of Code Compare and want to show the implemented changes further in this article.

First of all, we decided to get rid of all UI elements performing no practical function. And therewith, we rearranged toolbars and menus to make commands accessible in one click.

In this release, we strived to meet requests of our users complaining about the UI being overladen and unclear.
Here is what we’ve done in the new version of our comparison tool.