Scheduling Cron Jobs in ASP.NET 6 and C#

This article covers cron jobs and how we can leverage Quartz.Net to schedule cron jobs in ASP.NET 6. It shows how we can store messages in a PostgreSQL database using Devart for PostgreSql, Quartz.Net, and ASP.NET 6.


Visual Studio 2022 Support in Devart .NET Connectivity Solutions

Devart is glad to announce the release of the new versions of multiple high-performance ADO.NET data providers, LinqConnect, and Entity Developer.


Introduction to ADO.NET

ADO.NET is a part of .NET Framework that provides access to different types of data sources. ADO.NET supports relational, XML and application data. ADO.NET resides in a layer between data sources and client applications and enables customers to retrieve, manipulate and update data through ADO.NET object model.


How to Work With Inheritance in Entity Framework Core

Entity Framework Core from Microsoft is a cross-platform, lightweight, and flexible version of its predecessor, Entity Framework. EF Core is an object-relational mapper (ORM) tool that offers a standardized way of storing and retrieving data to and from diverse data sources.


The Ultimate Comparison of ADO.NET and Entity Framework

When developers start working on any applications (for both web or desktop versions), they spend a long time worrying about the backend database, its tables, and their relationships, stored procedures, views, etc. Along with this, they also need to consider the data schema which will return from the backend part for the application. For this type of operation, we can use many available frameworks such as DAO, RDO, ADO, ADO.NET, Entity Framework, etc. Out of these different frameworks, the most commonly used frameworks are ADO.NET and Entity Framework. So, after reading this article,  you will get a clear understanding of the following topics supported with clear examples:


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