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How to write complex MySQL queries?

Advanced queries aimed to solve complex tasks or multiple tasks constitute an essential part of any database administrator or developer job. MySQL complex queries must be handled with the utmost seriousness since inaccurate MySQL code or poorly performing scripts can cause severe bugs and application failures. 


Extended Connectivity in dbForge Tools for MySQL

We are excited to inform our users that we have released new versions of dbForge Schema Compare for MySQL, dbForge Data Compare for MySQL, dbForge Query Builder for MySQL, dbForge Data Generator for MySQL, and dbForge Documenter for MySQL. (more…)

Reinvented dbForge Tools for MySQL Have Arrived!

After a grand update of dbForge Studio for MySQL, we haven’t forgotten about the rest of the dbForge for MySQL product range. Our developers took maximum care of each and every MySQL tool and revamped them with specific new features and updates. (more…)

How To Create SQL Query in One Shot

To get information from a database it is necessary to execute a query to get this data.

Usually an ordinary SQL editor is used to create queries. To use such editor, one should remember the syntax of the SELECT operator and the names of tables and columns.

Let’s use a visual instrument developed specially to design SQL queries, and see that it’s much easier to create SQL queries visually instead of typing them in an editor.


Quick start in database development with Sakila database project

The Sakila project was designed to demonstrate all cutting-edge capabilities of dbForge Studio for MySQL such as Database Projects, Database Diagram, Data Reports, Pivot Grid, Visual Query Builder, Code Refactoring, Database Comparison and Synchronization, and also to let a user get acquainted with the mentioned functionality quickly and easily with the help of the prepared examples.


Enjoy Creating Complex Queries with SQL Query Builder!

Devart development team is glad to present dbForge Query Builder for SQL Server, a modern and affordable tool that will bring you confidence in creating queries of any complexity. With dbForge Query Builder, Devart continues its initiative to produce efficient database experiences for all the people in SQL Server world.


Query Builder for MySQL v 1.10 – unlimited database connectivity and better performance

Devart announced the release of dbForge Query Builder for MySQL v 1.10, a professional tool for quick creation of any queries without code and extended management of query results.

The highlights of Query Builder for MySQL v 1.10 include:


Designing Views with MySQL Query Builder

If you often need to create and modify views in your MySQL development you will like dbForge Studio for MySQL in-place query editing feature. This feature allows integration of powerful Query Builder tool with view editor without annoying copy/paste.