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SQL Server Tutorial

Mastering SQL PARTITION BY with dbForge Studio for SQL Server

By partitioning data effectively, you can handle large datasets and get accurate and relevant results for various analytical and operational tasks. This is when PARTITION BY proves invaluable. In this article, we are going to talk about the theoretical foundations and practical applications of this SQL argument with the help of a convenient IDE — dbForge Studio for SQL Server.

Ultimate Guide to SQL Indexes

An SQL index improves the speed of data retrieval operations on a table. Much like an index in a book, it helps locate needed information. This article delves into the various types of indexes, their benefits, potential drawbacks, and strategies to address index fragmentation issues, whether manually or automatically.

How to Migrate from Oracle to SQL Server

Read on to learn how to easily migrate data from an Oracle table to a SQL Server table using Devart ODBC driver for Oracle and dbForge Edge.

Managing Open Transactions in SQL Server

Open transactions in SQL Server occur frequently and demand close attention and proper handling to prevent issues. Monitoring open transactions and ensuring their timely completion (either committing or rolling back) is a best practice, and this article will explore tools and methods and provide a guide on automatically finding and resolving open transactions.

Unlocking the Power of Execution Plans

One of the best methods to analyze query performance is to explore its execution plan. In this article, we are going to discuss the basics of the Query Execution Plan feature and its importance in SQL performance optimization with the help of a convenient IDE - dbForge Studio for SQL Server.

Enhancing PHP Projects With SQL Server

In the world of web development, PHP stands as one of the most popular scripting languages that empowers developers to create dynamic and interactive web applications with ease. Central to the functionality of many PHP projects is the management of data, which often necessitates the integration of powerful database solutions.

Advanced Index Rebuild and Maintenance Strategies for SQL Server

In this article, let us dive into the intricacies of index maintenance strategies, explore index fragmentation and its impact on database efficiency, discuss rebuilding and reorganizing indexes, and talk about automating index maintenance.

Best 8 Free and Paid Database Design Tools

Explore the most popular database design tools that aid users in visualizing, refining, and converting database schemas into functional databases.

How to Run dbForge Studio for SQL Server on Linux Using WINE

As the popularity of Linux continues to soar among developers and database administrators, the demand for robust database management tools compatible with this open-source operating system has become increasingly pressing. In response to this growing need, running applications originally designed for Windows on Linux platforms has become a viable solution.

How to Connect to SQL Server in Java

In today's data-centric era, the ability to establish effective connections to databases is crucial for any Java developer. SQL Server stands as one of the most popular database management systems, powering numerous enterprise applications worldwide. For Java developers, mastering the skill of seamlessly connecting to SQL Server isn't just an advantage—it's absolutely essential.

Instant File Initialization – Killer Feature for SQL Server

Instant file initialization (IFI) is a feature in SQL Server that can help the users to save time and resources when creating, expanding, and recovering databases. In this article, we’ll examine the benefits of instant file initialization along with potential drawbacks, and learn how to enable and disable this feature.

How to Check if a Database Exists in SQL Server

Let us examine the common use case of comparing and synchronizing databases that involve checking if the specific database exists in SQL Server.

SQL Database Design Basics With Examples

Discover how to populate a database with data by means of Data Generator for SQL Server, and search for database data and objects with the free dbForge Search tool. I will use dbForge Studio for SQL Server to implement charts for my examples, and dbForge Data Pump to import and export data.

Data Import and Export: BCP Utility vs dbForge Studio for SQL Server

The preconditions for easy and versatile import and export are rather simple. First, you need to have quite a few data formats to deal with, a dozen or so. Second, you need to tailor each operation to your needs with a selection of flexible settings. Third, you most certainly wouldn't mind automating your recurring tasks.

How to Convert MySQL Databases to SQL Server: Step-by-Step Process

Read on to delve into the basics of data conversion between MySQL and SQL Server and see how to easily transfer data from a MySQL table to a SQL Server table.

Mastering SQL Server Decryption With dbForge SQL Decryptor

It's crucial to have tools that can both encrypt and decrypt database objects and data effectively. One such tool is dbForge SQL Decryptor, a free and straightforward solution designed to decrypt various database objects in SQL Server.

Elevating SQL Server Database Management With System-Versioned Temporal Tables and dbForge Studio

Let’s delve into the system-versioned tables in SQL Server. We will examine their characteristics, the process of creating these tables, and querying them effectively.

Mastering SQL Views and Materialized Views for Optimal Database Management

The article covers fundamental aspects of SQL views and materialized views, delving into ownership prerequisites, permission considerations, and various use cases.

Attach SQL Server 2005 .mdf/.ldf Files to 2019 Using dbForge Studio

Migrating databases from older versions to the most recent version of SQL Server is a common and crucial task in the world of database management. This process needs to be executed meticulously and with the right tools to guarantee accurate results.

How to Create Images with Microsoft Designer and Import Them into SQL Server Databases Using dbForge Studio

Microsoft Designer is a web-based, AI-powered graphic tool that helps create variegated visuals in a nearly effortless way. Let's see how to generate images with its help and import them into SQL Server databases using dbForge Studio.

Automating Bulk Data Import from MS Access to SQL Server

In the article, you'll learn how to automate the bulk data import from MS Access to SQL Server using dbForge Data Pump and PowerShell command-line.

Understanding Pull Requests, Merge Requests, and dbForge Source Control for SQL Server

Read on to learn the difference between merge and pull requests and explore how to version-control SQL Server databases using dbForge Source Control.

Create and Connect to an Azure SQL Database on Heroku: A Step-By-Step Guide

In today's digital landscape characterized by rapid technological advancements and a multitude of innovative solutions, the seamless integration of diverse platforms is paramount for efficient application development. This guide delves into the process of creating and connecting an Azure SQL Database on the Heroku platform, offering step-by-step instructions and insights to help you bridge the gap between two powerful cloud services.

How to Use OPENQUERY in SQL Server

We are thrilled to share the exciting news that our dbForge tools now support SQL OPENQUERY, a powerful feature introduced in SQL Server 2022. With this integration, our users can take full advantage of this feature's capabilities, enabling seamless execution of queries on remote data sources directly from our tools.

Mastering IF THEN Logic in SQL Server

Exploring the advanced usage of IF-THEN statements and understanding how dbForge Studio SQL Server aids in handling these tasks will be the main focus of this article.

Complete Guide to SQL Server Concatenation

In this article, we will explore the fundamentals of SQL Server concatenation, delve into different techniques for concatenating strings, and uncover advanced concepts that can take your string manipulation capabilities to the next level.

Overcoming the Challenges of SQL Server Version Upgrades and Downgrades With dbForge Compare Bundle

Navigating the process of SQL Server version upgrades and downgrades can be a daunting task, often accompanied by various challenges and complexities. However, with the assistance of the dbForge Compare Bundle, businesses can overcome these hurdles and streamline the upgrade process.

CREATE TABLE in SQL Server – Guide With Examples

Creating a table is the core of the database design and one of the fundamental skills for all database professionals. This article will review default methods of creating tables on Microsoft's SQL Server.

How GPT Chat Can Help You Generate CRUD Procedures for SQL Server Tables

In today's technological landscape, artificial intelligence has carved a significant niche for itself, offering unparalleled assistance in numerous domains. One such domain is database development, where the AI model, such as ChatGPT, has been gaining increasing recognition.

How to Use ChatGPT to Write SQL JOIN Queries

SQL JOINs are a fundamental aspect of relational database management and allow for the retrieval of data from multiple tables based on a specified condition. With the advent of advanced language models like OpenAI's GPT, it is now possible to leverage their capabilities to write SQL JOIN queries most efficiently.

How to Set Up Every Day Database Auto Backup in SQL Server

In the world of database management, regular backups are crucial to safeguard against data loss or corruption. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to set up daily SQL Server backups on a Windows system.

How to Rename a SQL Server Database

When working with SQL databases for quite a long period of time, you might come across a situation when you need to give your...

How to Automatically Commit SQL Server Database Schema Changes to the GIT Repository

Want to make git 'commit' automatically run every time a database schema is updated? Read more to find out how you can do this...

How to Install SQL Server on Linux (Ubuntu)

It may be news to many database developers and administrators that SQL Server actually performs better on Linux. In this article we will go...

How to Debug a Stored Procedure with dbForge Studio for SQL Server

The article provides a detailed overview of the SQL Debugger functionality built into dbForge Studio for SQL Server, a powerful IDE for efficient database...

How to Search for Database Objects, Table Data, and Value in SQL Server

A SQL Server database includes plenty of objects – tables, views, stored procedures, functions, triggers, etc. With the increasing complexity of modern databases, it...

Create ER Diagram for SQL Server Database Using SSMS and SQL Designer

Entity Relationship Diagrams are widely used for analyzing database structure and troubleshooting issues with logic or deployment. In this article, we provide a detailed...

How To Export SQL Server Data From Table To a CSV File

In this article, we are going to export a table from SQL Server to a .csv file using four different tools. Besides, you will...

How to Build a Job to Import Multiple CSV files into a SQL Server Database

Have you ever faced the necessity to load data from multiple CSV files into multiple database tables? Not so uncommon, right? In this article,...

How to Connect to SQL Server Using SSMS, sqlcmd Utility, and dbForge Studio for SQL Server

In the article, we are going to provide a step-by-step guide on how to connect to SQL Server and execute SQL queries using the...

SQL Query Optimization: How to Tune Performance of SQL Queries

In the article, we are going to examine how to optimize SQL queries and improve query performance by using SQL query optimization tips and...

How to Create Login, User, and Grant Permissions in SQL Server

In the article, we are going to examine how to create a new user account and grant/revoke permissions and roles on a database object,...

How to Export SQL Server Data to an Excel File

If you are in search of the optimal way to export data from SQL Server to Excel spreadsheets, look no further. Just check this...

How to Automatically Synchronize Multiple Databases on Different SQL Server Instances

In this article, we share a step-by-step guide on how to compare the schema and data of multiple SQL Server databases from the command...

How to Write Complex Queries in SQL Server

One of the regular jobs performed by a database administrator and developer is creating and executing queries of higher complexity to resolve complicated tasks....

Recovering Accidentally Deleted Data with dbForge Transaction Log

Read on about how to recover deleted files using redo and undo scripts generated with the help of dbForge Transaction Log. In addition, the article covers some basics of ACID properties in transactions and best practices for rollback operations.

How to Set Up Version Control of Your SQL Server Database from Scratch

Version-controlling SQL Server databases in GitHub has never been easier with Devart solutions. You can commit and revert changes, view and resolve conflicts, track...


Database statistics are a powerful weapon. They store a vast array of information about the database data that helps identify slow-running queries and allows...

How to Create Customizable CRUD Operations with SQL Complete

Working with SQL databases and tables usually implies performing daily data-related tasks using the CRUD operations in order to re-use, manipulate, and access data...

Restore SQL Server Database Backup Using T-SQL Script and SSMS

The third article in the series about SQL Server backup and restore will take us through the database restore process and demonstrate the two...